Des huiles essentielles pour augmenter l’efficacité de vos soins.
Relaxant, tonifiant ou oriental …Votre modelage selon votre humeur.
La relaxation commence par une ambiance relaxante.
Une coiffure pour chacun de vos événements.
Des soins visage pour une peau plus belle et éclatante.
Être belle de jour comme de nuit.
Faire de vous la plus belle des mariées.
Partager un moment agréable et convivial.


Makeup Wedding on Tours at Home

Michelle Goram is installed in the region of towers and offers its services makeup and hairstyling at home for your wedding in Touraine and in the central region.

Beauty and wellness specialist since 1988 Michelle has a degree in aesthetics, makeup, massage and hairdressing. She served in many structures: Beauty, Spa, Barber … but also in the audiovisual sector.

With all these experiences Michelle decided to create its structure to offer its customers high quality services.

His approach is to create a friendly atmosphere for you to freely express your expectations. It is in sharing your vision and professional expertise lies your satisfaction.

Today Michelle puts its expertise at the service among other brides of Touraine and elsewhere.

To provide comfort to the future bride Michelle moves to the location of your event.

His vision of beauty is that makeup should never take more space than your personnalité.Que you choose a natural look or over worked Michelle Goram Beauty assure you in the one as in the other case a stylish result thanks to products quality.

For more information and BEFORE any information thank you to check out the FAQ.